The Côte Noire collection takes the best elements from around the world and combines them into beautiful and luxurious products. The range includes candles, diffusers, triple milled vegetable soaps, hand & body creams and more. All of the perfumes in the range originate from France – renowned for having the finest fragrances available. The nine fragrances takes inspiration from the provincial countryside with each striving to capture a portrait of French life.

The Côte Noire range incorporates recycled materials and natural renewable ingredients wherever possible. The packaging uses recycled foam, cardboard and glass. Even the handles on the carry bags are made from recycled cotton. Within the Côte Noire collection, there is a luxury laundry range, ‘Eau de Lavage’, comprised of high performance, eco friendly washing products. All of the products are phosphate free, nitrate free and do not contain Nonylphenols.